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Using OpenVPN for Windows 7/8

Important Information about Connecting your College-owned Laptop

Using OpenVPN on a College-owned laptop will enable you to connect to the Brockport network from home. Connecting to the Brockport network is essential to install critical security updates.

After connecting to the Brockport network, installation of security updates will automatically occur and may take some time. It is best to allow the laptop to stay connected to the Brockport network for at least 30 minutes.

Due to the frequency that security updates are released, you should connect your laptop to the Brockport network at least once a week.

How to Connect to OpenVPN for Windows 7/8

1. Double click OpenVPN icon your desktop or click Start > All Programs > OpenVPN Client (Program Folder) > OpenVPN Client.

2. Click on the Brockport profile button.

3. You will be prompted to enter your credentials. Enter your Brockport NetID in the Username field and your Brockport NetID password in the Password field. Click Login.

4. A connection screen will appear, indicating that you have connected to the network.

5. To keep OpenVPN running in the background, click the minimize button.

6. An OpenVPN icon will appear in your taskbar indicating the you are connected to the Brockport network.

How to Disconnect from OpenVPN for Windows 7/8

1. When you have completed your session with the Brockport network, click the OpenVPN icon in your taskbar.

2. The connection screen will appear, click the Disconnect button.

3. When the session has disconnected, you can close the OpenVPN client window.

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