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This counter can be added to SUNY Brockport Web pages by adding a single line of code.

Copy this code into the HTML of your Web page: <img src=“/cgi-bin/counter/counter.cgi?ft=0&pad=N&df=&dd=A”> Now replace the with a unique name. Don't use something obvious like “counter” or multiple designers may share the same counter data on the server.

Additional counter digits are also now available. They can be achieved by changing the the value of the dd= in the code above. Valid values for this variable range from A to E. Also, the colors can be slightly modified by adding the code &negate=1 after the &dd=A and before the closing quotation mark. Valid values for the variable negate are 0 (zero) and 1.

A: B: C: D: E:

If there are any problems, please contact the Web Manager at

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