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Dreamweaver Setup Instructions -- Personal Homepage

  • Launch Dreamweaver CS5
  • Under the Site menu at the top of the screen click New Site
  • Site pane
    1. Site name: (Name your site)
    2. Local folder:
      1. Click the folder icon. If you already have a folder with your webpage, locate that folder. Otherwise, create a new folder either on a flash drive or on FileCity.
  • Server pane
    1. Click the plus sign to create a new server
    2. Server Name: (Pick a name, the default is fine)
    3. Connect using: SFTP
    4. FTP Address:
    5. Port: 22 (this is the default, leave it)
    6. Username: (your NetID)
    7. Password: (your password)
    8. Root directory: public_html
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