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Personal Homepages

Information Technology Support Services provides faculty, staff, students and college affiliated clubs with the ability to publish web pages on the World Wide Web. In order to publish a web page on the Brockport pages, an account (same as your e-mail account) must be created on the campus Sun server.

All currently enrolled students and all faculty/staff that have a Campus Webmail account have an account.

Getting started

Explaining how to design web pages in HTML is well beyond the scope of this document. The college bookstore or other bookstores sell books on designing web pages and programming in HTML. You can use programs in Dailey such as Dreamweaver to easily create your web page without knowing HTML.


Once you have created your webpage, it is time to publish it.

*Please note, you must save your home page as index.html to the c:\user folder on the machine you are using. You may want to back up your files on a 3½ floppy disk or zip disk.

Publishing your personal home page requires transferring the HTML files and any graphics files in your page to your Sun account. You can do this through Secure File Transfer Protocol (SFTP).

Transfer the web files to public_html directory in server using any SFTP clients.

* Dreamweaver Setup Instructions -- Personal Homepage

For Windows users:

Click here for documentation on transferring files using WinSCP, a free SFTP client.

For Mac users:

Click here for documentation on tranfering files using Fetch 5.3.

To view your webpage, go to

Your page should be posted on the web within a matter of minutes. Personal webpages will be active and maintained as long as the account is maintained and operational. Users are referred to the The College at Brockport Web Content Policy site for conventions and policies regarding official (non-personal) campus web pages.

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