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Publishing Your Webpage Using WinSCP

WinSCP is a free SFTP (Secure File Transfer Protocol) client. This document describes WinSCP installation and file transfer to the public_html directory of the web server -

Instructions on setting up and using WinSCP, a free SFTP client:

1. Download the WinSCP installer if necessary ( Click the “Installation Package” link for the latest release that is not Beta.

2. Go to the download location on your computer and double-click the installer.

3. Click “Next” three times (note: select the language you intend to use it with when prompted).

4. On the fourth dialog box under “initial user settings”, for “user interface style” select “explorer-like interface”.


5. Complete the installation and run WinSCP.

6. On the login, for “host name”, type

7. For “user name”, enter your NetID. For “password”, enter your password. User name and password is the same as your Campus Webmail/Angel login information.


8. Click Login, and on the next window, click “Yes”.


9. You are now in your home directory. Open the “public_html” folder. Now, you can copy and paste your website files from your computer to the remote server, or simply drag-and-drop if you have the folder window open.


10. To view your webpage, go to (where “yournetid” is the same as your user name).

If everything appears correctly, you have successfully transferred your website files to the remote server!

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