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iPad Information and Support

iPad Best Practices


iPad Passcode - This is a 4-digit code that locks your iPad and protects your information should your iPad find itself in someone else’s hands.

To set the Passcode:

  1. Go to Settings → Hit General
  2. Under General there is the Passcode Lock settings. Select Passcode Lock
  3. Turn Passcode Lock on → Enter your desired 4-digit code → Enter once more

Passcode lock is now set.

Each time your iPad goes to sleep or you place your cover on it, your Passcode will need to be entered.

Credit Card Security - Apple’s iTunes store will store your credit card information. You should never allow this. To remove the Credit Card follow the steps below.

**If you have a College-owned iPad a credit card should NEVER be used to purchase Apps. You should go through the Volume Purchase Program per college policy.**

Removing your Cedit Card from the Apple Account:

  1. Open iTunes
  2. Login to your Apple account
  3. Then in the top right hand corner of iTunes click on your Apple ID (
  4. Apple will ask for your password again:

  5. Click "View Account"
  6. Under the Account Information Page you will click "Edit Payment Information"

  7. Then Click "None"

Last Updated 07/18/2013