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iPad Information and Support

College-owned iPad FAQs

Does the iPad replace my need for a laptop/desktop computer?

No. At this time, there are several activities such as document preparation that are still accomplished more easily on a computer. Both the computer and the iPad do many things very well, and while there is some overlap, there are also significant distinctions between their capabilities.

What if my iPad is lost, stolen, or damaged?

Contact the Help Desk immediately to submit a ticket regarding damaged, lost or stolen devices. LITS has ways to hopefully recover a lost or stolen device.
Please have your Blue Sticker number handy when you call (all College-owned devices have sticker on back of device)

What safety measures exist?

The devices should be locked with a passcode set, passcode lock on, erase all on, and location services enabled. That way, if your iPad is taken, no one can access your private information, codes, and passwords. If it is a College-owned iPad, these features are turned on at the time of setup, and should not be changed by the user.

Are the iPad serial numbers recorded somewhere?

Yes, for College-owned devices, LITS has this information documented.

What tech support is available if there are problems along the way?

All questions about technology go to the Helpdesk. You can reach the Help desk via phone at 585-395-5151 opt. 1 or by email at

How do I access ANGEL from my iPad?

You can access ANGEL, and many other programs through Vlab, the College's virtual lab. To access Vlab from your iPad download the VMware app from the App Store. Help downloading VMware

How do I redeem App Store Redeem Codes?

If you receive a Redeem code, to use it on the iPad:

First open the App Store app on your iPad and then tap the “Featured” tab on the bottom of the screen. Once the page is loaded, scroll to the bottom and tap on the “Redeem” button. Enter your redeem code and then tap on “Redeem”. You will be prompted for your Apple ID prior to installing.

To use the redeem code in iTunes (from a computer):

In the top left click on ‘Sign In’ or if already signed in, click on your apple ID. A drop down will appear. Select Redeem. Copy the redeem code and hit “Redeem.” The download will begin.

Why is my iPad's battery life draining so quickly?

Some suggestions to decrease battery use include:

  • Turn off wireless keyboard when not needed
  • Turn off WiFi if not needed
  • Turn off bluetooth if not needed
  • Turn off push notifications
  • Dim screen

For more information visit:

Last Updated 07/18/2013