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iPad Information and Support

Personal iPad FAQs

What iPad configuration does the College recommend?

The school recommends the latest generation iPad WiFi. However, an earlier version should work on campus. The storage capacity is up to the individual user.

What is the difference between WiFi and WiFi 3G (iPad 2) or WiFi 4G (latest generation iPad)?

WiFi allows you to access the Internet via established wireless networks such as Brockport’s. WiFi 3G and WiFi 4G allow the additional capability of accessing cellular data networks when there is no WiFi available. Adding 3G or 4G requires the purchase of a data plan through a specific carrier. When you purchase 3G or 4G on your iPad through Apple, you will be asked to specify the carrier (Sprint, AT&T or Verizon).

Should I purchase AppleCare?

We highly recommend that you purchase AppleCare. AppleCare is the extended warranty that Apple offers for all of its products. Every iPad comes with a one year warranty. AppleCare adds an additional year and can be added through Apple at the time of purchase or anytime up to 30 days after purchase.

Does the iPad replace my need for a laptop/desktop computer?

No. At this time, there are several activities such as paper writing that are still accomplished more easily on a computer. Both the computer and the iPad do many things very well, and while there is some overlap, there are also significant distinctions between their capabilities.

What tech support is available if there are problems along the way?

All questions about technology go to the Help Desk. You can reach the Help desk via phone at 585-395-5151 opt. 1 or by email at

What iPad accessories will I need?

A case will help to protect your iPad from spills or damage. A stylus may make it easier to take notes, draw, and interact with the iPad.

Other accessories to consider: Camera Connection Kit, Digital AV adapter (for projection), Keyboard, ear phones, dock.

What Apps will I need for my iPad?

See LITS Tested apps.

How do I access ANGEL from my iPad?

You can access ANGEL, and many other programs through Vlab, the College's virtual lab. To access Vlab from your iPad download the VMware app from the App Store. Help downloading VMware

What happened to the document I was reading on my iPad (now that the iPad is not connected to the Internet)?

How do I add apps to the iPad?

The App Store allows users to browse and download iPad-specific applications, including volume-purchased apps with redeem codes. Click on the App Store icon on your iPad’s screen. When installing an app, you will be prompted for your Apple ID, which you already set up when you first registered your iPad. For more information about the App Store:

Why is my iPad's battery life draining so quickly?

Some suggestions to decrease battery use include:

  • Turn off wireless keyboard when not needed
  • Turn off WiFi if not needed
  • Turn off bluetooth if not needed
  • Turn off push notifications
  • Dim screen

For more information visit:

Last Updated 07/18/2013