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Services and Responsibilities

  • Maintain multimedia and projection equipment used in learning spaces at the college
  • Respond rapidly to equipment failures in learning spaces on campus
  • Train faculty, staff, and students on use of multimedia and projection equipment in learning spaces
  • Set up and support videoconferences at the college
  • Consult with college departments on technology purchases
  • Assist with the design, planning, and implementation of learning space technology
  • Provide sound equipment set up for limited campus-wide special events and activities
  • Deliver and set up laptop and projector for various non-academic presentations
  • Set up and support student response systems (“clickers”)
  • Set up and support lecture capture equipment
  • Convert various video formats to digital, computer based formats
  • Support portable data device usage in learning spaces (ex. ipod/MP3 player)
  • Maintain lost & found for Edwards Hall

Last Updated 07/18/2013