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Student Spotlight

Amy Prinzbach

Amy Prinzbach

How and why did you start working for TSS?

I transferred to Brockport from the University at Buffalo where I worked part time for the information technology services while going to school. I applied for the Brockport IT job thinking it would be similar to the one at UB, but I was wrong; in a good way. I have learned so many new things about computers and general problem solving that I constantly apply to life outside of my job.

What are one or two memorable experiences you had while working for TSS?

Working for TSS can be really rewarding! Last semester I was working a night shift and didn’t get out until 8pm so my supervisors had already left before I finished. I got a call regarding some strange problems a student was having trying to download the 2013 version of Microsoft Office. It took a little time but I was able to help the student resolve her issues and successfully install the program. It was a great learning experience to be, in a way, on my own. It allowed me to think outside the box and gain problem solving skills.

What are your future goals, whether TSS related or not?

I am currently double majoring in dance and exercise science. I hope to blend these two passions and become a dance therapist working with all age groups. Dance therapy is an excellent way for those with disabilities to work on motor development skills such as balance, coordination, cognitive skills, and fine and gross motor skills. I have had a passion for dance my entire life and I plan on channeling that love for dancing toward helping people of all ages.

What does being the Student Spotlight mean to you?

Being a part of Student Spotlight is such an honor, especially knowing all the great people that are already included. There are so many hard-working employees here so I am overjoyed to be selected.

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