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Student Spotlight

Brittany McDonald Photo

Brittany McDonald

How and why did you start working for LITS?

I was forwarded an email from a professor, Virginia Orzel, and it was about a job opening in the Educational Technology Center (ETC). Since I was looking for a job at that time, she said that I should definitely apply. I love helping people edit their video projects so I thought it would be the perfect job for me. I put in my application, got a call for an interview and was hired shortly after that.

What are one or two memorable experiences you had while working for LITS?

My most memorable experience was one night when there were several students in the ETC working on their video projects for a class. There was one in particular that was really having a hard time trying to figure something out. I started to help him with his project and showed him a few things. He started to learn a little more about the video editing software and picked up some of the things that I taught him. Some other students around him then started asking me to help them out because they liked what they saw on the other student’s video. I loved that I taught some students a few new things and that they really picked up on it. I also liked that they were really proud of the work they did and said that the things I showed them made the video even better. It was a very nice experience.

What are your future goals, whether LITS related or not?

I would like to get into the video production field. It is something that I really enjoy and it does not seem like work to me. Having a job that does not feel like work is something that I have always wanted.

What does being the Student Spotlight mean to you?

I am very honored to be the student spotlight. There are many hard working students working for LITS and to be picked out of all the students is a great feeling.

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Last Updated 07/18/2013