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Student Spotlight

Lucas Reisdorf Picture

Lucas Reisdorf

How and why did you start working for TSS?

My roommate who also works for Brockport IT suggested that I should apply for a position at help desk. This job has allowed me to gain useful knowledge about fixing computers and creative problem solving. The experience I gained working with IT has helped me become a well-rounded applicant for future jobs.

What are one or two memorable experiences you had while working for TSS?

Over the winter break I was able to train a fellow employee in desktop support. It was nice to hand down the knowledge I have gained after working here for a year. Also, one of my favorite calls was when a teacher called with a printer issue, I asked if the printer was plugged in and indeed that solved the issue.

What are your future goals, whether TSS related or not?

I am currently majoring in math and minoring in finance. My future goal is to become a personal financial advisor at a firm. I am hoping to bring my TSS experience along with me to make me more employable in the future. I will also continue fixing my family’s computer every time I am home on break.

What does being the Student Spotlight mean to you?

It is an honor to be recognized among the many hardworking employees. I am also pleased to be included in the student spotlight along side the other greats that have come before me.

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Last Updated 02/26/2014