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Student Spotlight

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Jon Stern

How and why did you start working for TSS?

I first looked into joining TSS as a lab attendant for video editing in the ETC computer lap to coincide with my Broadcasting background. Little did I know I could be far more valuable on the Help Desk and when I applied they never would have limited me to that. I had a few friends who already worked here and they highly recommended it as well. It’s really a great opportunity and a friendly group to work with.

What are one or two memorable experiences you had while working for TSS?

For whatever reason one of the most memorable experiences I’ve had so far working here was this past summer when we received a call that the Brown building shifted and was being partially evacuated. We needed to rush over to the building and move everyone’s computers, printers and monitors to a new office before they were no longer allowed in their offices. It was definitely hectic but also rather fun being able to help everyone. And then of course there was a simple call I received for a password reset, or so I thought. When I asked to confirm her birthdate, I was told, “No, women don’t like to give that information out.” We managed to help her another way but it’s a call I’ll never forget.

What are your future goals, whether TSS related or not?

When I graduate in May, I hope to be working for a company or station as a video editor and videographer. I am majoring in Journalism and Broadcasting with a minor in Graphic Design. I believe that working for TSS has helped me significantly to gain more experience in problem solving and computer troubleshooting, which I will take with me anywhere I go.

What does being the Student Spotlight mean to you?

It means a lot to me to be a student spotlight, especially after only working here for half a year. It shows that hard work pays off and I hope to continue the same work ethic throughout the remainder of my time here at Brockport and TSS and of course my future in industry.

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Last Updated 11/19/2014