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Student Spotlight

Heather Gallant Photo

Heather Gallant

How and why you started working for LITS?

In completing my first semester at Brockport in the Spring of 2010, I was signed up to take my Computer Skills Exam. When I finished the exam I raised my hand, one of the proctors came over and complemented me on my perfect score. He mentioned that LITS was always looking to hire, I promptly went upstairs from my exam and asked a student worker at the Help Desk how to apply. A few days later I got a call from Jeff Smith, Director of Technology Support Services, asking if I could come in for an interview.

One or two memorable experiences while working for LITS?

My most memorable experience working for LITS would have to be the first summer I started working. I started training at Desktop Support after a few months of working at the Help Desk answering phones. One day it hit me, I was astonished at how much I had accomplished and learned in so little time. What surprised me even more was how much I absolutely loved what I was doing. Every day I was learning something new, whether it was taking apart a computer or troubleshooting a software issue. I still love coming to work for LITS every day. That's the thing about technology, it is constantly evolving, this field never gets boring.

Future Goals: whether LITS related or not.

My future goals are to complete a second Bachelor's Degree in Social Work in May. I hope to graduate with Latin Honors. I will continue on to Graduate School to get a Master's Degree, whether in something IT related or not, I am still undecided.

What does being the Student Spotlight mean to you?

I am excited and honored to be the Student Spotlight! It means that my work ethic and effort are noticed. I constantly strive to do my best in school, work and life.

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Last Updated 07/18/2013