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Student Spotlight

Jeremy Versaggi

Jeremy Versaggi

How and why did you start working for LITS?

I started working for LITS my first year at Brockport after two years at Genesee Community College. My sister had previously worked here while she was in college and I heard many great things about the job and those who worked there. I applied for a student position and received a call for an interview. The process was friendly, welcoming and nerve wracking all at once. Eventually I received another call in order to help during the summer before my first year. My main reason for why I started working was simply because my major is Computer Information Systems and I definitely wanted experience in a job that took that major into practice; this was not only the epitome of the major, but offered such a great environment and incredible experiences.

What are one or two memorable experiences you had while working for LITS?

Every day is a memorable experience for me while working. I’m specifically a Desktop Support and Help Desk worker, and every time I go into work something new always happens. I believe the most memorable experience is the entirety of my time here and being able to work alongside the many great people. We’re all a very driven team and in my mind a family; when a problem arises we tend to talk with each other to figure it out, bouncing ideas off of one another. That amazes me every time I go into work. The environment and how well we work together is just incredible. It’s taught me that no matter what, it’s the people around you that make you stronger.

What are your future goals, whether LITS related or not?

After finishing my Computer Information Systems degree I hope to be able to use the cumulated experience that I’ve obtained over the years to obtain a job similar to this one. More importantly however, I hope to be able to continue to expand my repertoire and skillset.

What does being the Student Spotlight mean to you?

For me, this is an honor that I hold with high regard. It lets me know that I should continue to work hard and aspire, as the opportunity to move forward is always available.

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Last Updated 07/18/2013