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Student Spotlight

Philip McGarvey Photo

Philip McGarvey

How and why did you start working for LITS?

I was recommended by one of my professors back in Spring 2010, and got an email asking for an interview, out of the blue. I worked at the Help Desk for one year and then moved to the Web Team.

What are one or two memorable experiences you had while working for LITS?

Visiting almost every office on campus with Tim to install antivirus was definitely an interesting experience. Setting up all the computers in a lab in record time by doing everything from atop a rolling chair was also fun. Most days working at the Help Desk in the summer of 2010 involved something unique and interesting happening.

What are your future goals, whether LITS related or not?

I’m a programmer. I will be working for a software company in Manhattan this summer, and when I graduate in May 2013 I expect to still be developing software somewhere. This is what I love to do, and plan to continue doing for the foreseeable future.

What does being the Student Spotlight mean to you?

It’s an honor.

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Last Updated 07/18/2013