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Student Spotlight

Sarah Mess Photo

Sarah Mess

How and why you started working for LITS?

In the Spring of 2009 my professor Virginia Orzel told a few of her communication students that TSS had a few job openings in the ETC to assist students with computer needs, particularly the program Final Cut Pro. I decided to apply because I enjoy working with people and helping them, and because it seemed, and has turned out to be, a great experience.

What are one or two memorable experiences while working for LITS?

As a student technology assistant we are given a few video assignments to complete. There is one video I will never forget making. The "Ellsworth Rap" video, as it was titled, was designed to advertise the different parts of TSS. While making the video we went all over the library with Ellsworth filming him interacting with students; Dave, Tyler, and Ellsworth performed their gansta' walk, and me attempting to rap out the song. It was a lot of laughs and was a fun project to work on.

Future Goals: whether LITS related or not.

I am completing my undergrad in May 2011; I have recently submitted my application for a Masters in Public Administration, Nonprofit Management, at The College at Brockport. The recommendation to attend this program even came from a TSS employee! I am looking forward to the program, with the goal of eventually working as the Director of Marketing Communications for a nonprofit organization. That's today's plan anyways!

What does being the spotlight student mean to you?

I am honored to be featured as a student spotlight. I never imagined all the opportunities I would have because of taking a job in TSS. I think being chosen shows what hard work and dedication can lead to. TSS is a great department of the college to work for, and I am happy to show my support for them in any way.

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Last Updated 07/18/2013