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Student Spotlight

Tim Sufferdini Photo

Tim Sufferdini

How and why you started working for LITS?

I started working for Library Information Technology in the fall of 2008.  After living on campus for two years, I wanted to look for a job for some extra spending money.  One night while searching the campus website, I stumbled on an online application for the department and filled it out.  I had some basic computer knowledge from my time in high school on our yearbook staff so I figured I would put myself out there.  Several weeks later, long after I had forgot about my application, I received a callback email from the department and got an interview.  I never expected what a whirlwind adventure working for IT could entail.

One or two memorable experiences while working for LITS?

Working with IT has always been a new and interesting experience.  I'll never forget helping a certain professor with her computer through a Bomgar session. Overjoyed that we could fix the machine instantly, she casually asked where the Help Desk was located.  Thinking nothing of it once the issue was resolved, I went about other work that I had that day.  About fifteen minutes after hanging up the phone, she walked into our call center and gave me a peanut butter cookie from the library cafĂ©.  One of the tastiest issues I worked on, to be sure!

Future Goals: whether LITS related or not.

I don't know what I want to do with my life.  Probably never grow up.  Although since that doesn't pay the bills, I suppose I'll probably look for a job in a technical field after completing my graduate degree in history.  If I can't find a technical position that I enjoy working in, I'll most likely return to school for a time to get my teacher's certification and end up teaching at a high school somewhere.

What does being employee of the month mean to you?

Without sounding overtly stereotypical, I believe that being employee of the month is all about setting an example for my fellow student staff and for our end-users.  I think that some faculty and staff don't realize the amount of work that students at the Help Desk and Desktop Support perform for the campus, and the level of professionalism that these students display.  In this regard, I'm proud to represent our student staff and their increasing level of responsibility and professionalism.

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Last Updated 07/18/2013