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Missing Emails?

This email could be caught in the filter. Find out more here!

Has someone ever asked you about an email that you never received? Ever wonder where that email ends up? Well, for security reasons, The College at Brockport’s email goes through a filtering process. Even though 80% of all email sent to the College is blocked, filtering is not a precise process. Occasionally, legitimate email is blocked or spam email is not caught by the filters.

Luckily, there’s an easy way to view these filtered emails! All that you need to do is visit and enter in your NetID and password (the same as your email login). After you log in, the emails that have been filtered out over the past 30 days will be shown. If you wish to deliver a message to your email account, simply select the message and click “deliver.” If you want all future emails from this sender to be sent to your account, add them to the “whitelist.”

For more information on how to navigate, visit:

contact: Melissa Jacobsen

Last Updated 07/18/2013