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The Academic Exploration LLC (ACE)

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New for 2012, the Academic Exploration LLC (ACE) is designed for freshmen and transfer students with less than 25 credits who are unsure what direction they want to take in college and beyond.

In a residence hall atmosphere that is focused on achievement and success, you will have frequent interactions with faculty and staff, as well as opportunities to explore your individual interests in a supportive environment.

Students who live in this community will take an active role in discovering their true interests at the College, and will be asked to take StrengthsQuest, a personality inventory as a starting point for self-reflection.

Many post-it notes with messages that suggest confusion about career choices

Faculty partners are essential to all Living Learning Communities. In Academic Exploration, faculty and staff will provide support through regular dinners and assisting with career exploration activities.

Students in the community will also be connected with the Office of Student Retention, Academic Advising, and Career Services.

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In addition to career exploration activities, there will be plenty of time for personal development and teambuilding.

Students will shape the goals of this community, with the number one goal to have a major in mind at the end of the year. If you are unsure of what you want to do with your life after college (and while in college), please consider this exciting new community!

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