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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ's):


“What exactly is a Living Learning Community? What does it look like?”

For First Year and Transfers with less than 25 credits:

  • You will be placed in one of the First Year residence halls and move in a day early, compared to non-Living Learning Community Students.
  • You will live in a building with first year students like you who share your interests (in the Living Learning Community). You will also have the opportunity to meet other first year students, not in a Living Learning Community or in a different Living Learning Community.
  • You will make meaningful connections with faculty through dinners, programs, field trips and presentations.
  • You will have access to a tutor to help you through some of the tougher courses (advanced/discrete math, anatomy, physics, etc.)
  • Programs and activities are created with your interests in mind and you will have the opportunity to tell us what you want to have offered!
  • Each community has a specific focus: whether it’s to help you find career-building opportunities, help you make connections with faculty, or get you connected with study abroad opportunities; each community is tailored to the unique needs of the students who join it.
  • Just complete the LLC section of your Housing Application to join!

For current students and transfers with 25 or more credits:

  • You will live on a floor with people who share your interests and have committed to being part of this themed environment.
  • You will continue to develop relationships with faculty, staff and alumni.
  • Programs and activities are created with your interests in mind, but also to help you develop as a student and a future professional.
  • Just indicate your interest on the Housing Application to join. Please note, space is available on a limited basis.

“If I live in an Living Learning Community, will I meet non-Living Learning Community students as well?”

Being part of a Living Learning Community (LLC) means you do live with students who share similar interests and maybe even some classes. Each LLC is just PART of a freshmen residence hall community. While students form their own identity as a Living Learning Community, they have many friends in the rest of the residential community that have different interests and majors.


"If I join an LLC, is there additional work?”

Living in the Living Learning Community is not more work, it is just focused on your academic and interest areas! While nothing is mandatory, the effort you put into the community is what you’ll get out of it.

Each LLC develops activities that students want to take part in. As a first year student, you will have many opportunities to spend time with your friends by going to campus events and floor activities that your RAs and RDs plan. Living Learning Communities offer these general activities, but also offer things tailored to your interests.

Being part of a Living Learning Community puts you at an advantage because you will have many unique opportunities on and off campus and it does not cost anything! These events are things you’re already interested in. By signing your LLC Community Agreement, you agree to participate in three events each semester. A typical student will participate in a whole lot more anyway!


“If I’m involved in other activities (athletics, on campus a job/workstudy, clubs/organizations, etc.) on campus, are LLCs a good fit for me?

Yes, many students manage being in an LLC AND being highly involved on campus. All we ask is that you keep an open mind and participate in at least three activities a semester. You will find that the events and community builders for your LLC fit perfectly into your academic and interest areas. There are a variety of options for participation, from off campus field trips to eating with faculty in the dining halls.


“When will I know if I’ve been accepted?”

For freshman, the deadline to complete your Fall Housing Application is July 27, 2016 at 11:59PM. Within the Housing Application are additional questions about LLCs. These questions only require a few sentences, not an essay. Please be sure to complete that section. You will receive official confirmation from the Coordinator of Living Learning Communities regarding your status in mid August. This communication will come to your Brockport email account.
For returning students, the deadline is early April. You'll get confirmation when you receive your housing assignment in late April.

“Is there a GPA requirement?”

LLC students have access to LLC specific tutors and resources. The expectation is that you maintain a 2.25 GPA while living in your community. That’s a little better than a C average. If you have a rough semester and fall below, you will be required to enroll in the S.T.E.P.S. Program (Strategies to Eliminate Probationary Status). This program gives you a mentor and the tools to improve in the spring semester.

“I’m coming to Brockport with a friend from high school. We’re planning to have different majors. If I want to be in one community, but they don’t, what do I do?”

We encourage students to come to Brockport with an open mind and embrace the opportunity to meet new people. However, if you have already decided to live with a friend from high school, please make sure you mutually accept each other on the housing application (using each other's Banner ID) and mutually choose the same LLC(s).

“Is it mandatory for all freshmen to join a Living Learning Community?”
While it is not mandatory to join*, being in an LLC gives you a special advantage over those who choose not to join:

  • You have more opportunities to get to know faculty outside of the classroom, which may lead to better Letters of Recommendation when you apply for jobs and leadership positions.
  • You may feel more at home because those around you will share the same interests and interests, which means your chances of having a great roommate or college friendships, will only increase.
  • You get to go on fieldtrips all over Western New York at no cost!
  • LLC students have more direct access to resources to help them achieve academic and social success

*Please note: all First Year students, in The Honors College, living on campus are required to live in an LLC (the Honors House LLC or another LLC)