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Mathematics & Physical Sciences

New for fall 2013, The Mathematics & Physical Sciences LLC is for first-year students who are majoring in, or have an interest in, math or any of the physical sciences. This LLC will provide a dedicated tutor within the residence hall to provide academic support around students’ schedules. This LLC will work closely with the School of Science and Mathematics. 
Activities and Field Trips Include:
  • Live Science Demonstrations
  • Community service opportunities
  • Research Presentations
  • Visiting The Strasenburgh Planetarium at The Rochester Museum & Science Center
  • Visiting the Eastview Sundial
  • Visiting the Corning Museum of Glass
  • Visiting Niagara Falls

"There is simply no comparison to being immersed in a new, strange environment but still being surrounded by people with similar interests. Knowing that everyone around you is going through the same thing makes the transition into college life so much easier. Without the Math & Science LLC I know I wouldn't have fallen in love with Brockport as quickly as I did. This community has become my family and I know that they would support me through thick and thin. I wouldn't trade this experience for anything."

- Damiene Denner, Class of 2013


Encouraged to Apply: Students interested in and majoring in Mathematics, Physics, Astronomy, Chemistry, Computer Science, Computer Information Systems, Earth Science, Meteorology, Water Resources and Geology.