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Master of Arts in Liberal Studies - Online


"Liberal learning is not confined to particular fields of study. What matters….is substantial content, rigorous methodology and an active engagement with the societal, ethical, and practical implications of our learning….Liberal education requires that we understand the foundations of knowledge and inquiry about nature, culture and society; that we master core skills of perception, analysis, and expression; that we cultivate a respect for truth; that we recognize the importance of historical and cultural context; and that we explore connections among formal learning, citizenship, and service to our communities."

Statement on Liberal Learning, Association of American Colleges and Universities, 1998.


MALS Online The College at Brockport has been approved to and is now offering the Master of Arts in Liberal Studies (MALS) graduate degree program fully online. The program is designed to meet the increasing demands for flexible and student-centered course offerings, leverage experiential learning, and increase student engagement with no change to the application or admission processes, financial aid or graduation requirement. With the introduction of the online option, the College aims to ensure and enhance affordability, accessibility, mobility, and time to graduation at the graduate level. In fall 2013, the MALS program was nominated to become part of OpenSUNY, the online arm of SUNY and the largest online learning environment in the world.

The College at Brockport has been offering online courses for over a decade and the number of online courses and students taking these courses continues to grow. The College has built-up a reservoir of experienced and talented faculty, administration and tech support to enhance online learning. Brockport's online courses are delivered through the SUNY Learning Network (SLN) via ANGEL, the online learning management system. 

To find all the available online courses offered through SNL, access: and use the filters available on the site's left-navigation bar. Courses offered specifically by Brockport can also accessed by choosing the course schedule quick link at:

Liberal Studies: Intellectual development, personal enrichment, and the benefits of an advanced education in the liberal arts and sciences are goals of the Master of Arts in Liberal Studies (MALS) program at The College at Brockport. The MALS is a multidisciplinary program for students seeking an alternative to the traditional graduate courses of study that focus on professional training in a single area. Instead, this 30-credit graduate program is designed for the life-long learner. Each degree candidate has the opportunity to develop an individualized Plan of Study tailored to his or her own personal and/or professional goals. Furthermore, from summer 2013, the MALS program at the College at Brockport is a fully online program.

Is MALS an appropriate choice for you? The program could be helpful for you if…

-- you are interested in a fully onLine degree program at an affordable cost.
-- you need an advanced degree in order to progress in your current career or profession.
-- you are required to earn a master’s degree for professional certification as a teacher. 
-- you are interested in earning a graduate degree simply for personal development. 

Degree candidates will examine significant ideas and contemporary issues from the perspectives of the fine arts, humanities, social sciences, and natural sciences. These integrative educational experiences will provide students with the opportunity to explore new academic areas or develop a deeper understanding of fields previously studied. Students may also enhance their personal understanding of self, nature, and society and sharpen critical thinking and communication skills.

By working closely with the program director, Dr. Rajasethupathy (Dr. Raj), individuals can tailor their academic program to personal interests and to enhance specific career goals. Toward this end, applicants are asked to provide a goal statement when applying for admission. This statement provides a point of focus so that students matriculated in the MALS program are able to choose the best options from the available graduate course offerings.

Students are also given guidance in putting together the portfolio which is an integral part of the program as well as the culminating experience for the degree. This portfolio specifically addresses how goals have been met as well as what new knowledge and skills have been gained. It should also demonstrate how the knowledge and skills can be applied to enhance job performance and taking on new and/or expanded responsibilities. The portfolio takes the place of a master's thesis, the usual requirement for most master’s degree programs.

If you would like further information, we hope you will contact the program director Dr. Raj at (585) 395-2262/5760 or by e-mail at


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