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Teacher Certification

Professional Certificate – Master’s Degree Requirement


Students with initial certification have five years to obtain professional certification. In order to satisfy the master’s degree requirement and requirement for 12 graduate semester hours in the content core for professional certification, you must have been awarded a master’s degree from a regionally accredited institution of higher education or from an institution authorized by the Regents to confer degrees. The College at Brockport qualifies as one of these institutions. Below are three possible routes to an acceptable master’s degree.

  • Graduate Teacher Education Programs Leading to a Certificate
    The Master’s degree is acceptable if it is based upon completing any teacher certification program leading to any certificate, whether in New York State or another jurisdiction.  The Master’s degree may be completed toward a classroom teaching, pupil personnel, or supervisory/administrative certificate.

The MALS program is not a program registered to lead to any certification area.

  • Master’s Degree in the Initial Certificate Content or Related Area
    The master’s degree may also be in the same content area of the initial certificate or in a closely related subject area. For more information on related areas go to the Professional Certificate – Chart of Related Master’s Degrees at:

In the case of students holding initial certification in any of the "Generalist" certificates (Early Childhood Education Birth- Grade 2, Childhood Education Grades 1-6, Generalist in Middle Childhood Education Grades 5-9, Students with Disabilities Birth-Grade 2, Students with Disabilities Grades 1-6 and Students with Disabilities Generalist Grades 5-9), the master's degree may be in any of the Liberal Arts & Sciences.

The MALS program should satisfy the master’s degree requirement for these “Generalist” certificate areas since it falls into the Related Subject Area of Liberal Arts & Sciences.

  • Required Coursework for those with an Unrelated Master’s Degree
    If the master’s degree is not in either of the above two categories, the applicant for professional certification must complete 12 semester hours of graduate study in the content or related area of the initial certificate.

The MALS program has been used to satisfy the required 12 semester hours of graduate study for those with an unrelated master’s degree. Please refer to the following Web site for more detailed information on required coursework for those with an unrelated master’s degree:

  **NOTE: Students wishing to utilize The College at Brockport MALS program to satisfy the Professional Certificate – Master’s Degree Requirement for professional teacher certification must apply either directly to the state or through their local BOCES representative for their certificate.

**More information regarding NYS Teacher Certification, including information about the online teacher certification application, can be found at: .


Additional Certification Questions? Please contact The College at Brockport’s Coordinator of Certification, Michael Harrison, at either (585) 395-2326 or . Please also visit The College at Brockport Teacher Certification Web site at:

Last Updated 6/25/13