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Conferences and Colloquia

The Department of Mathematics encourages faculty, staff and students to participate and attend conferences and colloquia. For more information, please contact Professor Gabriel Prajitura.

Recent and Upcoming Talks:

Speaker: Dr. Aleksey S. Polunchenko (Binghamton University)
Title: Suspect Something Fishy? How Statistics Can Help Detect It, Quickly
Time: Tuesday, April 22, 2014 12:30pm-1:30pm
Location: 105 Edwards
Abstract: Statistics is a branch of mathematics concerned with rational decision-making among uncertainty. This talk aims to provide an introduction to the nook of statistics that deals with cases when a solution has to be worked out "on-the-go", i.e. when time is a factor. The talk will focus on the quickest change-point detection problem, aka sequential change-point detection.
Dr. Polunchenko will conduct a one-hour student discussion after the presentation!

Speaker: Dr. Ernest Fokoue (Rochester Institute of Technology)
Title: Discovering the Fascinating World of Big Data Predictive Analytics and Some Mathematical and Statistical Tools for Conquering It
Time: Thursday, March 27, 2014 11am-12pm
Location: Holmes B6
Abstract: Dr. Fokoue will present attractive and appealing big data analytics problems and will identify some of the mathematical and statistical concepts that tend to appear almost ubiquitously in most statistical machine learning methods. Dr. Fokoue hopes to provide guidelines to mathematics, statistics and computer science professors as to some of the things they should emphasize in order to prepare students adequately for a potential career in modern data science.

Speaker: Jonathan Lottes (College at Brockport)
Title: Chaos and Dynamical Systems
Time: Thursday, March 6, 2014 11am-11:30am
Location: Holmes B6
Abstract: This talk will give an introduction to some basic terms in dynamical systems and will focus on the sawtooth and reverse sawtooth functions. In particular, the fixed points, eventually fixed points, periodic points, and eventually periodic points will be discussed, as well as how the points of the two functions are related. Other orbits will be looked at to demonstrate the chaotic behavior of the functions.

Speaker: Michelle Anderson (College at Brockport)
Title: Modeling Cell Arrangement in Epithelial Tissue
Time: Thursday, March 6, 2014, 11:30am-12pm
Location: Holmes B6
Abstract: We developed an off-lattice, 3D, particle-based model to simulate cell rearrangement in epithelial sheets. Our model assigns cells orientation and polarization in addition to position, volume, and shape. Including orientation and polarization in our model allowed us to add another facet of realism to individual cells and cell-to-cell interaction allowing us to more realistically simulate important developmental processes in collections of cells.

Speaker: Dr. Mihai Bailesteanu (University of Rochester)
Title: Spin(7) Manifolds - Old and New
Time: Thursday, November 21, 2013, 11am-12pm
Location: Holmes B6
Abstract: Spin(7) Manifolds are 8 dimensional Riemannian manifolds that have a cross product on their tangent bundles which generate a 4-form. We can define some canonical vector fields on these manifolds, which in turn allow us to define some type of moment map. The goal of having a moment map is to study the topology of the underlying manifold. We will discuss some recent developments.

Speaker: Zhuang Hou (University of Rochester)
Title:Delay Differential Equations (DDEs) and Stochastic DDEs: Explosion property and applications
Time: Thursday, November 14, 2013, 11am-12pm
Location: Holmes B6
Abstract: A DDE or SDDE is a differential equation where the increment of the solution not only depends on the value of the solution in the current time but also in the past. This type of equation is getting more and more important in several models. In this talk, I will talk about recent results about the explosion property of SDDE. And I have also joined the work to construct high dimensional DDE model of Genome-wide Dynamics Regulatory Networks. I will also talk about the model in Bio-statistics.

Speaker: Dr. Julius Esunge (University of Mary Washington)
Title: Generating Functions and the Moment Problem
Time: Tuesday, October 29, 2013, 11am-12pm
Location: Holmes 205
Abstract: How much information is sufficient for a random variable? In particular, if we know the mean and variance can we uniquely specify the probability distribution of a random variable? We will consider such questions, together with more general items, and their applications. We will see the impact of these ideas in gambling, reproduction, actuarial science, and many other fields.

Speaker: Dr. Howard Skogman
Title: Towards a more realistic graph theory model
Time: Thursday, September 26, 2013, 11am-12pm
Location: Holmes B6
Abstract: We will consider solutions to the "Heat Equation" on finite graphs. In particular, we will first consider graphs with constant edge weights, then deterministic but non-constant edge weights, and finally we will add a stochastic (random noise) component.

Speaker: Dr. Gabriel Prajitura
Title: The Leibniz Test
Time: Tuesday, September 10, 2013, 11am-12pm
Location: Holmes 205
Abstract: We will present a general version of the Leibniz Test for series in which the usual ingredients (alternation of signs, and decreasing terms) are no longer present.