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Plan of Study

The Advisory Committee has the responsibility of planning the candidate's program and submitting a Plan of Study to the Graduate Committee for approval during the candidate's first semester in the program.

The Plan of Study must include 30 credits of course work, with a minimum of 15 credits in mathematics at the 600 level or above. Of the 30 credits, a minimum of 21 credits must be in mathematics, as follows:

  1. Three core courses: Algebra (MTH 621 or 629), Analysis (MTH 651 or 659), Applied Mathematics or Statistics (MTH 641 or 669); and
  2. At least four additional approved graduate mathematics courses (which may include CSC 583 and 585).

The remaining credits are to be approved electives at the 500 level or above. These may be courses in mathematics, computer science, economics, education, or other mathematics-related fields and must have a significant mathematics component. Credit is not allowed for any course that substantially duplicates a course taken as an undergraduate or for MTH 541, which is intended for graduate students in other disciplines.

Click here for the plan of study form.