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Opportunities in Mathematics

First off- do not forget to apply for a BMACS scholarship. For further information Click Here

Check out the American Math Society's page for lots more fellowship and scholarship opportunities , also check the AMS guide to assistanships and fellowships for mathematics (primarily for graduate study and post graduate study). Note there is also a hard copy of this in Howard Skogman's office.

Also there are tons of scholarships available- and more seem to be added daily- check out the college's website - you may be eligible for one or more.

Check out these sites related to careers in mathematics:

Actuarial information

Mathematical Biology information

Statistics careers

Applied math careers

Operations Research

Company List
Extensive list of major companies, offering internships for math majors and their links.

Summer Math Internships

Check out the American Math Society's site for tons of opportunities:
Summer internship opportunities, links to internships connected with professional organizations.

Internships, Fellowships, and More
National internships, research programs, scholarships and fellowships.

NSA internships

NASA internships (note some are during spring and fall as well as summer)