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MetroCenter - FAQs

What is the Eagle One Card?

The College at Brockport ID Card is called the Eagle One ID card. It is your official college identification. The ID photos are taken at the MetroCenter in Room 347 on the third floor. The ID hours of operation will be posted on the door at the start of each semester.

Stolen ID’s are replaced free with a police report (the fee is $25 without a report). Checks payable to: BASC. Please have your Banner number available.

What do I need to enter the MetroCenter?

All persons entering The College at Brockport MetroCenter will be asked to show identification. Students must show their College at Brockport ID card each time that they enter the MetroCenter. Faculty and staff will also be "carded" each time that they enter and may either 1) show their college ID, or 2) show their NYS Drivers License and sign in, clearly printing the license number and name. To save time, you are encouraged to have your ID card "in-hand" as you enter the building, as well as if you are just going in and out within a short time span. Building tenants will also be asked to show their business or agency ID each time that they enter the building.

Why do I need to show my ID card each time I enter?

The security guards request your ID for reasons of safety, security and equity of treatment for all who enter the College at Brockport MetroCenter. Please help us maintain optimal conditions on behalf of all of the building occupants.

Where do I get my textbooks?

You can purchase your books for your off-campus courses by: 

For more information, call the Bookstore at (585) 395-2554. 

Can I copy or fax at the MetroCenter?

Student copies may be made via a self-serve scanner located in the Technology wing. This equipment will allow students to output PDF files from scanned images.

Note: only plain paper copying is supported. Transparencies and other media may not be put in the printers.

Faxing to the main campus is free; off-campus faxing is not available at the MetroCenter.
Faxing is available at the Kinko's on Monroe Ave. Click here for directions.

What AV & Computer Equipment can students use?

Most of our classrooms have SmartCarts (MediaCarts) that include the following equipment: Computer, VCR/DVD player, Audio Amplifier, and LCD projector.

The MetroCenter also has the following which you may reserve for classroom use, only, through the online request form.  The following equipment is available: Flip charts, camcorder, tripod, TV and VCR, DVD player, slide projector, audio tape player, and overhead projector with a portable screen.  Students are required to request equipment with at least three business days notice.  This allows MetroCenter staff to process the request, and verify that equipment is available and functional. You must show your student ID to pick up equipment in the Administrative Wing. Here are FAQ's related to equipment.

Where can I find out what student activities are going on around campus?

MetroCenter students are informed of campus activities and announcements in many ways.  The College at Brockport student newspaper, The Stylus, and the Commuter Scoop, are delivered to the MetroCenter weekly.  In addition, many academic programs circulate their own departmental newsletters.  Other areas that are continually updated include the MetroCenter bulletin boards, and both the The College at Brockport home page and this site, the MetroCenter home page

How do I apply for Financial Aid?

The Financial Aid Office links you to the required applications for financial aid and provides the Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA) online.  For assistance in finding scholarships and grants, visit the Student Aid Resource (STAR) Center at the Financial Aid Office at The College at Brockport.  You can also call the Financial Aid Office at (585) 395-2501 to set up an appointment with a financial aid advisor.

A few important financial aid tips to remember are to meet all scheduled deadlines, renew all forms every year and explore all sources of funding, including federal, state, and local grants, loans and scholarships.

What food services does the MetroCenter have?

There are vending machines located in the student lounge area on the 3rd floor of the MetroCenter. The machines take cash and Easy Money.