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Instructional Technology

Are computers available for use?

  • Students needing to use a computer for class work are welcomed to use one at the breakout stations which are located throughout the building.  Students are required to have a valid Eagle One ID to use the computers and must show the ID when a staff member requests to see it. NO FOOD OR DRINKS, PLEASE.  For computer hours click here.

Does the MetroCenter have Wireless Access?

  • Yes!

I only take classes at The College at Brockport campus.  Can I still use the computers at the MetroCenter?

  • All The College at Brockport students with a valid student ID are welcome to use the MetroCenter computers for academic purposes.

Where do I go if I have IT questions or problems?

  • Contact the staff in room 343 or room 327.

What type of computers and software are available?

  • We have Dell (Pentium IV) computers.  Software available for use are: Windows XP, Office 2003 Professional, Adobe Products, SPSS, Minitab, Nud!st, GREprep software, and many more.

What technical equipment is available for use?

  • Students can borrow technical equipment for use during class presentations.  The following equipment is available for student use: SmartCarts, flip charts, LCD projectors (connects to computer), computer w/ LCD projector on a cart, camcorder w/tripod, TV, VCR, DVD/VCR combos, slide projector (picture slides), audio cassette tape player, overhead projectors, and portable screens.  Digital cameras can only be requested by a faculty member. Students and faculty must request equipment with at least a three business day notice.  This allows MetroCenter staff to process the request, and verify that equipment is available and functional.