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Instructional Technology

Are computers available for use?

  • Students needing to use a computer for class work are welcomed to use one at the breakout stations which are located throughout the building.  Students are required to have a valid SUNY Brockport ID to use the computers and must show the ID when a staff member requests to see it. NO FOOD OR DRINKS, PLEASE.  For computer hours click here.


I only take classes at the SUNY Brockport campus.  Can I still use the computers at the MetroCenter?

  • All SUNY Brockport students with a valid student ID are welcomed to use the MetroCenter computers for academic purposes.


What type of computers and software are available?

  • We have Dell (Pentium IV) computers.  Software available for use are: Windows XP, Office 2003 Professional, Adobe Products, SPSS, Minitab, Nud!st, GREprep software, and many more.


What technical equipment is available for use?

  • Students can borrow technical equipment for use during class presentations.  The following equipment is available for student use: SmartCarts, flip charts, LCD projectors (connects to computer), computer w/ LCD projector on a cart, camcorder w/tripod, TV, VCR, DVD/VCR combos, slide projector (picture slides), audio cassette tape player, overhead projectors, and portable screens.  Students and faculty must request equipment with at least one-week notice.  This allows MetroCenter staff to process the request, and verify that equipment is available and functional.


Are there library resources downtown?

  • Yes! Your Librarian is Linda Hacker.Click here for more info...
  • The following link will give you remote access to our Drake Library on the SUNY Brockport campus or you can call (585) 395-2143.


Can I get a SUNY Brockport ID card at the MetroCenter?

  • Yes!  SUNY Brockport photo ID pictures are free.  They are taken downtown at the beginning of each semester and any time throughout the semester at the MetroCenter in room 347.  The SUNY Brockport ID card is required for all students to enter the SUNY MetroCenter and its computer labs. If you need a replacement card, the fee is $25.


Are rooms available for group study?

  • Contact the MetroCenter Facility Coordinator or stop by the administrative wing on the 3rd floor.  Students are also welcomed to use the student lounge or breakout areas scattered around the 3rd and 4th floors for group work, project planning, or meetings.