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Brockport / Middle States Accreditation / Steering Committee Membership

Middle States Accreditation

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Subcommittee Chairs and Member Roster

Middle States Reaccreditation Steering Committee


Joel Frater, EdD, Assistant Provost for Diversity; Associate Professor, Recreation and Leisure Studies / 585-395-5065

Donna Kowal, PhD, Director of the College Honors Program (now Honors College); Associate Professor of Communication Studies / 585-395-5054

Program Manager:

Kathy Mangione, MA / 585-395-5014

Steering Committee Members:

J. Scott Atkinson, MS, Director Enrollment Services
Leah Barrett, MBA, Assistant Vice President for Student Affairs, Enrollment Management and Student Affairs
Tayler Brown, Undergraduate Student Representative
Elisabeth Gonzalez, MA, Assistant Director, Student Learning Center
Janie Hinds, PhD, Professor, Department of English
Kadathur B. Lakshmanan, PhD, Professor, Department of Computer Science
Shalonda Gibson, Graduate Student (MetroCenter) Representative
Faith Prather, PhD, Associate Professor, Department of Public Administration
Karen Riotto, MBA, Assistant Vice President, Finance and Management
Andrea Rubery, PhD, Associate Professor, Department of Political  Science and International Studies
James A. Spiller, PhD, Associate Professor, Department of History
Jeff Smith, MPA, Director, Technology Support Services, Library, Information and Technology Services
John Daly, PhD, College Senate President, 2011-2012, Associate Professor, History

Last updated,11-22-11 km.


Thu, Apr 21

Ice Cream without Borders
4:30 pm - 6 pm

Grocery Bingo
8 pm - 10 pm

Brockport Student Government Presents Bill Ayers
9 pm - 11 pm

Fri, Apr 22

Green & Gold Friday
11 am - 1 pm

LNWE: Vegas Night in Brockport
10 pm - 1 am