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Department of Modern Languages and Cultures

Fall 2016 Registration Information

If you have trouble registering for an intermediate or upper level French or Spanish class please contact the department chair, Dr. Andrea Parada, at or (585) 395-5840. If you have met the prerequisite at another institution or have the appropriate level of French or Spanish language proficiency she will give you a permission key number to override the prereqisite.

Spanish studentsCommunity Service Aids Communication Skills

Students studying Spanish employ their language skills in the workplace through an ongoing partnership with Oak Orchard Health Centre.

 About the Department

The Department of Modern Languages and Cultures at Brockport offers students the opportunity to study a variety of languages, literatures and cultures within a dynamic and challenging environment. Students acquire knowledge, skills and attitudes that are necessary in the workplace and develop the analytic skills needed to be effective participants in local and national discussions. Studying languages at Brockport in the context of history, politics and popular culture can help students to follow international events with insight and opens up perspectives to make students informed and responsible citizens of their country and of the world. Learn more about what we offer.

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Department of Modern Languages and Cultures
The College at Brockport
131 Liberal Arts Building
350 New Campus Dr.
Brockport, NY 14420

p: 585.395.5840
f: 585.395.2448

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