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Brockport / Modern Languages / Foreign Language Club

Foreign Language Club

The Foreign Language Club meets in the Seymour Student Union on Tuesdays. The Spanish group begins at 3:30pm in room 185; the French group meets at 4:30pm in the same room.

We have several activities planned: games, cultural appreciation activities:

  • food and music
  • role playing games in spanish
  • we plan on doing dance lessons
  • jeopardy, homework help etc.

Mostly we just want to offer the students a place where they can practice their French or Spanish in a friendly environment!
We don't have any exact dates for events yet, but eventually we want to do a dinner out at Salena's mexican restaurant in Rochester, maybe go out salsa dancing in Rochester, movie nights, food nights etc. when I have more information I will let you know!


Last Updated 5/5/11