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Language Clubs and Tables

Foreign Language Club

The student-run Foreign Language Club meets every other Wednesday  at 8:00 pm in the Seymour Union, room 187. 

They have several activities planned for the Spring 2013 Semester: 

  • food and music
  • role playing games in spanish
  • dance lessons
  • Day of the Dead Festivity
  • jeopardy, homework help etc.

Mostly we just want to offer the students a place where they can practice their French or Spanish in a friendly environment!   

Food and Film Club

The faculty-led club meets two times throughout the semester: once for a film and once for a food "field-trip."   Its aim is to provide an informal place for teachers and students to talk about the cultures that they study.  

The first meeting will be October 28th in Edwards 102 at 6:00 PM with a showing of a French horror movie called "Frontier(s)."  Although it is a very violent and disturbing movie, the French faculty will explain how the terror hides a fascinating insight into the question of immigration in France and the weight of History.

The second meeting will be a food field trip to Pittsford, NY where we will visit a real French pastry shop and try French chocolates.  Dates and times to be announced shortly.  Watch this space!

Spanish Table

Professor Marques-Muller meets with students every week for an informal conversation over lunch.   All students are welcome to meet every Monday at 12:15 in the Seymour Union Cafeteria. 

French Table

Come speak French with Professor Paine and fellow students over lunch.  All topics are on the table and there are no judgments or grades.  We eat together every Friday at 12:15 in the Jitterbugs Café.   

Last Updated 10/8/13