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Faculty and Staff

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Dr. Andrea Parada


Andrea Parada

Chair and Professor of Spanish

103A Tower Fine Arts

(585) 395–5840

Dr. Donna Wilkerson-Barker


Donna Wilkerson - Barker

Associate Professor of French

103B Tower Fine Arts

(585) 395–5842

Dr. Rachel Linville


Rachel Linville

Assistant Professor of Spanish

103H Tower Fine Arts

(585) 395–5231

Dr. Skye Paine


Skye Paine

Assistant Professor of French

103D Tower Fine Arts

(585) 395–5037


Dr. Ewelina Barski-Moskal



Ewelina Barski-Moskal

Assistant Professor of Spanish

103E Tower Fine Arts

(585) 395–2236










Beatriz Muller-Marques

Visiting Assistant Professor of Spanish

103F Tower Fine Arts

(585) 395–5839



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Mr. Anthony Aponte (Spanish)

Mr. José Bonilla (Spanish)

Mr. Thomas Coughlan (American Sign Langugae)

Ms. Shan Feng (Chinese) 

Ms. Christina Garitselov (Spanish)

Mr. John Hagenah (Spanish, French)

Ms. Rita Kuzma (Spanish, French)

Ms. Sarah Morrison (American Sign Language) 

Mr. Frank Rossi (Spanish)

Ms Emiko Takai (Japanese)

Ms. Ida Wilder (Italian) 

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Staff and Students

Luanne Jewell


103 Tower Fine Arts


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