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Brockport / Modern Languages / FAQs About the Placement Test

FAQs About the Placement Test

  1. What Tests are given?

    The placement test is offered in French, German,Italian, and Spanish. It is a multiple-choice format with questions on grammar and reading comprehension. It takes one hour, and students must come to the test with an Angel account and a photo I.D. Students will not be allowed to take the test without these items.

    1. Why should I take the test?

      It is important that students be in a course that is at their level. There should be enough challenge, but it should not be beyond their capabilities. In addition a sufficient score on the exam can wave you of required courses

    2. Who should take the test?

      All students who do not meet the requirements for a waiver should take the exam. Students may waive one semester or two depending on their score. Others will be able to better determine their appropriate level.

    3. Who should NOT take the test?

      Students who have never studied a language or who wish to begin a new language.

    Please note that students who waive courses through Regents, AP, or CLEP, or who transfer credit may NOT enroll in and receive credit for the courses for which they received a waiver since they have technically fulfilled that level. Students may audit courses with the permission of the instructor.

    For languages other than those listed above, students should contact the Department of Foreign Languages.

  2. How will I be informed of my status concerning the Foreign Language Requirement?

    The Department of Foreign Languages and Literatures will update your DARS report if you qualify for a waiver. If you successfully place above the 111 level through testing, you will waive the 111 level course. If your DARS report does not indicate that the requirement has been fulfilled, you should consult with your advisor about your options. Remember: the placement test is required if you have had any prior language study, unless you meet the conditions for a waiver or want to begin a new language.

  3. If I have taken the placement test, when should I register for a foreign language?

    You should continue with your foreign language as soon as possible. If you postpone your language studies for more than a semester, you may lose fluency and find the recommended course much more difficult.

  4. What about Waivers for requirements in International Business, Teacher Certification, and other programs requiring a foreign language?

    If you would like to attempt to waive the foreign language requirement you should take the placement test. You should also see your advisor in your major to clarify your department's requirements.

Department of Foreign Languages and Literatures
SUNY College at Brockport
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Brockport, NY 14420-2977

Director of Language Placement:
Donna Wilkerson-Barker

Last Updated 9/12/11