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Brockport / Modern Languages / Programs, Courses, and Requirements

Programs, Courses, and Requirements

The Department offers a BA in French and Spanish and minors in French and Spanish. For students interested in teaching in bilingual classrooms (Spanish/English), the Department offers an Interdisciplinary Major in Bilingual and Multicultural Studies. The Department also offers courses in American Sign Languages, Arabic, Chinese, Italian and Japanese. Our mission is to provide you with a well-rounded liberal arts background that exposes you to the major disciplines and also ensures that you gain competency in the target language and familiarity with the literature, history and culture of the civilization in question. Read about the Foreign Language Requirement.


  • French
  • Spanish


  • French
  • Spanish


  • American Sign Language
  • Arabic
  • Chinese
  • Italian
  • Japanese
American Sign Language, Italian, and Japanese are normally only offered through the beginning level (112).

A series of culture courses in English (FCE) satisfies several College-wide General Education requirements.

General Education Foreign Language Requirement

Students who wish to take a language in which they have no prior study should register for a Beginning I (111) section of that language. The College at Brockport offers courses in the following languages:

American Sign Language

If you have questions, contact the Department of Modern Languages and Cultures at 395-2269 or send an email to the Administrative Assistant:

*NOTE: Certain majors and degree programs such as the BA require more than two semesters of a foreign language. Delta College’s Foreign Language requirement is also different. See requirements in the appropriate section of the undergraduate catalog.

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