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A Letter from Emory Morris

Emory Morris


It’s imperative that we provide the opportunity for more students to engage in important research experiences. For chemistry majors, sustained research opportunities are critical to their academic programs and provide a clear advantage when students apply to graduate school or for their first job.

I appreciate a challenge and I know how important these research opportunities are for students. As I navigate retirement, I am ready for new challenges and  want to continue to share my love of chemistry and commitment to the students who have made my 42 years at Brockport so meaningful.

These are just some of the reasons I am proposing the $100,000 challenge to support summer chemistry research for students at Brockport. I will match any gift, over a three-year period to either the Undergraduate Research Fellowships in Chemistry Endowment Fund or the restricted fund for Summer Research Fellowships in Chemistry. If employers of our alumni have matching gift programs, I will also match the company’s gift to either or both of these funds. If you have any questions, we've tried to answer them on our frequently asked questions page.

Please consider making a gift today. Together, we can help our students achieve their dreams.

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Pr ofessor Emory Morris

Last Updated 4/21/10