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For Immediate Release
June 25, 2009

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Nicholas Mascari

College at Brockport Receives $235,000 US Department of Education Grant

CONNECT Program Targets High-Risk Drinking Behaviors

Brockport, NY — The College at Brockport, State University of New York was one of 20 institutions nationwide to receive a US Department of Education grant* to implement a two-year, comprehensive program designed to reduce high-risk drinking behavior among students living on campus.

The two-year $235,000 USDE grant will fund the CONNECT Alcohol and Other Drug Prevention and Education Program. Components of the overall program were developed based on the National Institute on Alcohol Abuse and Alcoholism’s (NIAAA) “3-in-1 Framework” and include strategies and tactics that target individuals, including at-risk or alcohol-dependent drinkers; the student population as a whole; and the College and the surrounding community. “Our program focus is three-fold,” said program director Joshua Fegley, Student Health Services Coordinator of Health Promotion and Prevention Services. “It includes educating students to the dangers of high-risk drinking, creating opportunities for alcohol-free social events, and connecting students with the campus community to help them understand how alcohol and substance abuse has a negative impact on the community at large as well as on academic and career goals.”

Program components include late-night on- and off-campus social and recreational activities that support healthy choices, peer-led alcohol awareness workshops and screenings, a student survey and evaluation, an advertising campaign targeted around high-risk events such as Spring Break, Halloween, and Super Bowl Sunday, and intervention and treatment referrals to students with alcohol/drug-related problems. According to the USDE, grant awards are based on comprehensiveness of program design, the qualifications of the professionals administering the program, institutional support, and an institutional history of using best practices to reduce high-risk drinking.

Existing alcohol education and early-intervention programs at The College at Brockport have demonstrated results over the years with substantial reductions in the prevalence of binge drinking (down 12 percent over a three-year period), and year-over-year alcohol-related conduct violations (down 33 percent), and repeat alcohol-related conduct infractions (down 58 percent).

Other institutions receiving grants include The University of Minnesota, MIT, The College of William and Mary, The University of Arizona, and The University of Oklahoma. A complete list, along with a program description, can be viewed at the US Dept. of Ed. Web site.


* To be technically correct, all sponsored research grants are awarded to the Research Foundation of SUNY who then administers the grant funds for the designated campus.

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