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For Immediate Release
December 15, 2009

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Nicholas Mascari

Nippon Foundation Grant Brings 100 Books to Drake Library

Gift Accepted in Memory of Prof. Sachio Ashida

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Press Release Photo Sachio Ashida, PhD

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Press Release Photo Alan Johnson (grandson) and daughters Janet Ashida Johnson and Margaret Ashida

The College at Brockport’s Drake Memorial Library recently received 100 books about contemporary Japanese culture. The donation was made by the Nippon Foundation as part of its “100 Books for Understanding Contemporary Japan” program.

The gift was accepted by the College in memory of the late Sachio Ashida, PhD, professor of psychology at the College from 1970-2004 and internationally recognized judo practitioner and teacher, who passed away in June of this year. Dr. Ashida’s daughters, Janet Ashida Johnson and Margaret Ashida, and grandson Alan Johnson attended the presentation ceremony.

Read a profile of Dr. Ashida.

About The Nippon Foundation
The Nippon Foundation is an independent, non-profit, grant making organization that was founded in 1962. It supports projects both in Japan and overseas. It funds activities in three areas: domestic social welfare and volunteer support; maritime research and development; and overseas cooperative assistance. It works with other non-profit organizations, government, non-governmental organizations and international organizations. Its International Program Department conducts overseas cooperative assistance activities, in two main fields. The first is resolution of humanitarian problems, including disease, poverty, and disasters, in cooperation with NGOs and other bodies. The second is capacity building. This involves provision of scholarships and other forms of support to young individuals who have the potential to become leaders in countries affected by problems such as those mentioned above.

About the 100 Books for Understanding Contemporary Japan Project
The Nippon Foundation understands that many countries lack an understanding of the true face of contemporary Japan. To facilitate understanding of Japan overseas, the Foundation produced a catalog detailing 100 carefully selected books that provide information on contemporary Japan in the English language, and began donating these books to libraries that have an interest in Japan.

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