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For Immediate Release
May 15, 2010

For more information, contact
Nicholas Mascari

Class of 2010 Ready to Make History

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Special Olympics Stadium was filled to overflowing as family and friends celebrated the 1375 new graduates of the College at Brockport.

The audience of nearly 8,000 was greeted by President John R. Halstead. “It’s a distinct honor to preside over this celebration of the academy. Both your success while you’ve been students at The College at Brockport and the doors open to you upon your graduation are good reasons to celebrate,” he said.

US Senator Charles E. Schumer was on hand to address the graduates, urging them to “go for it and not give up” in spite of the challenges of a difficult economy.

Brockport alumna and internationally recognized historian Nancy A. Hewitt, PhD, received an honorary degree and addressed the class of 2010 describing the role The College at Brockport played in her personal and professional journey to success. Hewitt, a Spencerport native and a 1974 graduate of The College at Brockport, described how she went from “a college dropout who worked the night shift at Dunkin’ Donuts” to a professor of history and women’s studies at Rutgers University and a highly regarded academician whose research is credited with establishing a new field of inquiry, women and gender studies.

“As I look back nearly 40 years later, it’s clear that Brockport was my salvation. Like so many students and families, I owe an enormous debt to public higher education.” She said that she’s repaid her debt to Brockport “by teaching most of my career at state universities and seeking out students who have gotten off track, or who don’t realize their potential.”

She concluded by hoping that the class of 2010 would “look back on your years at Brockport with the same appreciation and joy I feel for this college. There is a lot of work to be done to make this world a better place. In repaying our debt to Brockport we can carry forward the intellectual and personal gifts we’ve received as graduates of this vibrant institution.”

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