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For Immediate Release
April 6, 2011

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The Beauty of Simplicity

Scholars Day presentation explores simplicity in dance

Brockport, N.Y.—Mariko Yamada has noticed a distinct difference between life in the United States and her native Japan.

“Traditionally, in Japan, people value things that are simple,” says Yamada, a second year graduate student in the dance program at The College at Brockport, State University of New York. “But in America, more is better. Many people see simple as boring.”

This struck Yamada not only culturally, but within the concept of dance. She came to believe that a Japanese audience would value different dance aesthetics than an American audience would. And she wanted to learn more. Therefore, she focused her Scholars Day presentation on exploring the power of simplicity in dance.

“I wanted to illuminate the almost underrated concept of simplicity in terms of my own culture and dance aesthetics,” Yamada says.

She aimed to define simplicity. She learned that doing so is virtually impossible.

“Simplicity is a complex topic,” Yamada says with a smile. “I’ve come to understand that everyone defines things differently based on their own individual experiences and backgrounds. Its definition remains an unanswered topic. It’s as diverse as each individual.”

The Scholars Day experience has been a valuable one for Yamada. Not only did it help her refine her presentation skills, but she says the experience was intellectually stimulating.

“It pushes a person’s thinking further,” Yamada says. “It opens up a new way of looking at things.”

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