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April 11, 2012

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Apple's Marketing as Impressive as their Technology

Student argues that Apple's powerful marketing techniques are just as integral to their success as their much lauded products

Apple Inc. may be the world’s most successful and admired corporation, with every product it rolls out seemingly a smashing success even before it goes on sale. But behind the technological wizardry of its products, Apple has an incredibly well-polished marketing program that differentiates its products from the rest of the tech market place.

That’s what Bianca Phillips, ’12 , argued during her presentation “Perceptions of Apple Inc. in the Context of Its Unique Marketing Techniques” as part of The College at Brockport’s 29th annual Scholars Day. Phillips took a look at Apple through the lens of marketing techniques and concepts and was impressed by the degree of the company’s success.

“What makes them so unique is their innovation and intense brand loyalty,” Phillips told a packed classroom in Hartwell Hall.

Phillips noted how Apple has in some ways turned the traditional 4 p’s of marketing -price, product, promotion and place – on their head. Apple’s products are expensive compared with competitors, but the sense of community and place that they build around their products overcomes that price gap.

“They create this atmosphere where people have this togetherness that says if you’re not part of the crew, you’re missing out,” she said.

Apple has strategically targeted certain segments with their innovative features—youth, education and older consumers, Phillips said. And the technology giant has made a living not from being the first to market, but creating the impression that they are the best option in the marketplace.

“Apple has always been a second mover to the market,” Phillips said. “They didn’t introduce the mp3 player, they didn’t introduce tablets or PCs.” What they have done is created a culture of need among consumers through their advertising such the famous “I’m a Mac” campaign and hints and rumors about products known in the industry as “vaporware.” That culture of need focuses on perception. Coupled with the exclusivity created by Apple’s control over how and where their products are distributed and sold, and the company’s easy-to-use, well designed products become must have items.

“They choreograph things so well,” Phillips said. “There is so much buzz around them that it almost doesn’t matter what product they introduce, it creates a huge deal.”

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