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For Immediate Release
February 10, 2013

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John Follaco
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The College at Brockport Wins Small Grant Sustainability Competition

Collaboration with Fredonia, Albany recognized by SUNY for waste education program

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BROCKPORT, NY— The State University of New York announced The College at Brockport among the winners of its inaugural Small Grant Sustainability Competition. Brockport will work collaboratively with SUNY Fredonia and SUNY Albany on a Waste Education program.

The SUNY Office of Sustainability coordinated this competition to reflect the work of students and faculty in the areas of waste management, reducing energy usage and education of campuses and local communities. “By leveraging our systemness and working together to bring excellent programs and new ideas to scale, SUNY continues to drive sustainability throughout New York State,” said Chancellor Nancy L. Zimpher.

The competitive grant, totaling $6,342, is being used toward the project titled “Effective Use of Feedback to Facilitate Campus/Dormitory Food Waste Reduction Across SUNY Campuses.” The project will be led by chair of the Sustainability Task Force, Hilary Mosher, along with Department of Business Administration and Economics professors Kyongsei Sohn and Joon Yong Seo.

Set to launch in the spring of 2013, the project will focus on waste management to reduce energy consumption within the food system on each of the three SUNY campuses. A composting method will be tested and participation will include researchers and students from each campus.

“We produce 28,600 pounds of trash per week and more than half can be recycled or composted,” said Mosher. She said the success of this program would result in longer lifespan of landfills, reduction of greenhouse gas contribution and other long-term, large-scale benefits.

From an agricultural perspective, better knowledge of composting would allow SUNY campuses to avoid producing food just to throw it away and create natural fertilizers as opposed to synthetic.

According to the National Resources Defense Council, Americans throw away approximately $165 billion each year in uneaten food. Brockport will contribute energy-smart research and reduce their carbon footprint to further the SUNY System goals for a sustainable New York State.


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