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For Immediate Release
April 10, 2013

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Do Protein Supplements Assist in Muscle Recovery?

Student Research Adds to Popular Debate

BROCKPORT, NYCody Kelly, a senior exercise physiology major at The College at Brockport, presented his research on the effects of protein supplementation on recovery from exercise induced muscle damage at Scholar’s Day on Wednesday, May 10.

As protein supplements and proper nutrient intake after exercise are gaining in popularity, Kelly’s research focused on the correlation between protein-carbohydrate supplementation and repair of muscle damage due to strenuous physical activity. Athletes and people who exercise strenuously are susceptible to exercise-induced muscle damage.

Kelly explained that the body is constantly regulating protein balance by muscle protein synthesis and muscle protein breakdown. His research found that resistance exercise combined with post workout protein increases muscle protein synthesis, resulting in a net positive protein balance.

His research looked closely at the mechanisms of muscle damage, specifically eccentric contractions. Studying the process of muscle damage will lead Kelly to a rationale for proper nutrient composition of supplements, possible performance benefits and the timing of consumption. Kelly’s research is on track to be complete in May.

“I chose this topic because it was an area ripe for research,” said Kelly. He credits his interest in the subject to his PES 416 Laboratory Techniques course. Kelly specially thanked his thesis advisor, Craig Mattern, PhD.

After graduation, Kelly will attend SUNY Upstate in Syracuse, enrolled in the doctor of physical therapy program.

~Story written by College Communications intern Emily Bliss

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