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For Immediate Release
April 10, 2013

My Scholars Day Experience

An Intimate Reading for Sigma Tau Delta

The presentation I am a part of this year is a collection of readings from the inductees of Sigma Tau Delta. I feel so honored to represent this group. The best of the best in the Department of English will be participating. Not only will I have the opportunity to hear othersí works, but I can share a piece I am proud of, Absence in the Looking Glass. I created this poem in Dr. Stephen Fellnerís Poetry Workshop class last semester. Dr. Fellner stressed the four Lís when creating a poem: the look, the line, the leap and the little detail. This basic premise taught me how to find the uniqueness in my own experience. As an adult student, I have a bit of an advantage; I have a lot more experience! In Dr. Fellnerís workshop, I was able to bounce ideas off my fellow students. The age difference wasnít such a big deal. You could tell good writing was not something age specific.

So while standing up in front of an audience to reveal a piece that is very personal is daunting, I am eager to test my mettle. Discovering if my experiences on a little dirt road in Orleans County can resonate with anyone in the audience is exciting. Also, a big part of ďsellingĒ your writing is being able to present it well.

As an adult student, I juggle career, family, community involvement and education. Because of all these obligations, I am not always able to engage in the activities offered as part of a campus community. When I was approached to present my work by Dr. Austin Busch and Sigma Tau Delta, the international honors society for English majors, I embraced the opportunity. On Scholars Day, I am not obligated to take classes. This extra time offers me the opportunity to hear some of the work of my peers in my department and other areas.

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