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For Immediate Release
April 10, 2013

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Examining Sleep Quality in College Students

What's keeping college students from getting the rest they need?

Brockport, NY - It is common knowledge that young people, college students in particular, do not get the proper amount of sleep. Everyone knows the strain a lack of sleep puts on the body, but how many people really understand the reasons behind this lack of sleep? This is what Brockport student Jordan Stenzel examined in his Scholars Day presentation, Is Poor Sleep Quality in College Undergraduates Correlated With Other Behaviors? In his presentation, Jordan explored the contributing factors relating to college students’ lack of sleep.

Sleep – or the lack of sleep –is a topic that is extremely familiar to Jordan. As a result, he began to study it in depth. Jordan, a full-time father and student, said, “I became interested in a lack of sleep because I get no sleep.” The idea emerged while juggling the responsibilities of being a parent, being a student, and working night shifts.

Through his investigation, Jordan found limitations on the kinds of research that have previously been performed on the topic. “Basically, there are not too many studies looking at the specific behaviors that students in college are conducting that would cause them to experience poor sleep,” said Jordan. This lack of information is what formed the idea for his pilot study.

With the help of his mentor, Visiting Assistant Professor of Health Science Michael Ray, Jordan conducted his study by distributing 700 surveys to college students. Of those sent out, he received 134 responses. The surveys revealed interesting—yet perhaps predictable—findings. He found that students at The College at Brockport do experience some level of sleep deprivation, and he identified three leading causes: studying, partying and recreational drinking.

While Jordan has fully conducted his research, his analysis process is still in its early stages. He and his mentor will quantify his research over the next few months. In July, Jordan plans to present his findings at the University of Buffalo.

~Story written by College Communications intern Eboni Carman

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