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For Immediate Release
April 9, 2014

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John Follaco
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Brockport Students Create Shuttle-Tracking Application

Students Conduct Independent Study to Develop Android App

BROCKPORT, NY—A service-learning project has led to the creation of a mobile application that can track the Eagle Run campus shuttle and update users of the whereabouts. Jeff Fisher, a senior a The College at Brockport, State University of New York, developed the app as part of an Independent Study project.

“The application provides a way to track the shuttles' location and report that information back to a Brockport server. From there the web application takes in that information and plots it on the map,” Fisher said.

Sandeep Mitra, PhD, a professor of computer science, first approached Fisher about the opportunity work on the project—responding to an inquiry from Brockport’s Parking and Transportation Department, which had identified interest in such an application through a student survey.

Fisher had no previous experience programming on the Android operating system, so he was required to teach himself for much of the study. “I was familiar with the common codes used for programing, the problem was learning to program on Android,” said Fisher.

Fisher was accompanied by Matthew Andre, who is responsible for the web aspect of the map, and Evan Fleisher, who was able to work on aspects such as the application log in screen. Fleisher said that this experience taught him about the ins and outs of making a mobile application secure.

The application proved to work exceptionally when Brockport faculty and students tested it. The group also offered web-based focus groups to hear about possible problems for users.

Fisher, Andre and Fleisher presented their research and development at Brockport’s Scholars Day on April 9.

Fisher hopes that this project has a positive impact on the Brockport community, “I hope that a lot of people make use of the app, maybe more people will use the bus now,” Fisher said.

This experience was able to open up new opportunities for Fisher. “Working on this app has given me a lot of experience with Android. I was able to land an internship mainly because of this app,” said Fisher. Fisher will be working as an intern for ITT Exelis. At this internship, he will be working on developing an application similar to the shuttle tracking application.

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