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For Immediate Release
April 9, 2014

Recycling in the Dorms

Determining the effect on recycling through pre-intervention and post-intervention strategies

Story by Riley Austin, College Communication Intern

Brockport, NY - The recycling rate at The College at Brockport during the 2010-2011 academic year was 36.6 percent, while the national average sat at 34.7 percent. These are numbers that Sarah Albers '16, Environmental Science major, and Anna Loria '16, green intern, are attempting to improve on by increasing the awarness for Recycling in the Dorms.

In their attempt to improve recycling efforts in the residence halls, the students conducted a six-week study. For the first two weeks, they simply observed what the recycling rates were in the residence halls without any interference. The next two weeks, they implemented several different intervention strategies to raise awareness of the importance of recycling. Finally, the last two weeks, they merely observed once again to gain how effective their intervention was. With the recycling numbers observed and the survey data, Albers and Loria will be able to provide possible recommendations for increasing recycling efforts while also spreading information regarding to why recycling is so important.

“Recycling is something that we are both very passionate about. We believe that recycling is underappreciated and that many people are very unaware of the benefits that recycling can bring to our planet,” said Albers. By completing this project, the students hope that the campus community will learn more specifics about recycling and in turn, try their best to recycle more frequently.

The project has taught Albers and Loria more than just the importance of recycling. “It has made the both of us realize how hard it is to get people to engage in certain activities when there isn’t really a direct benefit for them,” said Albers. This project has opened our eyes to the importance of sustainable behavior on college campuses and has taught us how to effectively run an event program.

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