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For Immediate Release
June 24, 2014

For more information, contact
John Follaco
(585) 395-5159

Brockport Hosts Annual Sports Camp for Children with Visual Impairments

Camp Abilities Brockport equips children with the skills necessary to shine

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BROCKPORT, NY—A whole new world of possibilities was opened for children who are visually impaired, blind, and deafblind when they descended on The College at Brockport, State University of New York, campus June 29.

Camp Abilities Brockport, a one-week sports camp for children with visual impairments, returned for its 19th year. Campers rode bikes and horses, they played baseball and ran track, and they performed archery and numerous other sports. These are all things that children with visual impairments often believe to be impossible for them to participate in. Camp Abilities Brockport proves otherwise.

Under the guidance of camp founder and Brockport Distinguished Service Professor Lauren Lieberman, PhD, and numerous Brockport adapted physical education student leaders, campers underwent a transformational experience.

“One of the major goals of Camp Abilities is to open children with visual impairments up to the physical and psychological benefits of physical activity,” says Lieberman. “We want to help them improve their health and well-being.”

New features of this year’s camp included:

• A 2010 survey by the U.S. Department of Justice indicated that the violent victimization rate for persons with disabilities (28 violent victimizations per 1,000) was almost twice the rate among persons without disabilities (15 violent victimizations per 1,000). Camp Abilities Brockport taught campers self-defense skills designed to both increase their self-esteem and prepare them for any dangerous situations they may encounter.

• For the first time, campers were exposed to stand-up paddle boarding on the Erie Canal.

• Lieberman teamed with fellow Brockport professors Brooke Starkoff, Elizabeth Lenz and Elizabeth Holbrook to conduct research to validate the use of Nike Fuel Bands for children with visual impairments. The Nike Fuel Band is a popular motivational tool used to promote physical activity amongst the general population. This study will attempt to validate its functions—including the measurement of the number of steps assessed during a bout of physical activity, and the amount of energy expenditure—and will specifically focus on assessing the value the product offers to children with visual impairments.

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