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Brockport / Nursing / Faculty / Biedlingmaier

Renee Biedlingmaier MS, RN


I joined the Nursing Department at The College at Brockport because I appreciate the way my ability to think and analyze concepts related to the profession of nursing was expanded when I attended the RN to BSN program. One of my nursing colleagues also joined the faculty last year and has had a very supportive, positive, and enriching experience being part of the Department of Nursing.

My scholarly research focuses on the way(s) in which nursing students are educated now and potential changes that may be beneficial in preparing new nurses to meet the ever changing demands of the profession. A specific goal of mine is to be involved with our local health care partners to see if the changes we make are appreciated by the health care institutions in the manner in which we desire.

What excites me about teaching and learning is that we do not have to continue to do things in nursing "because we have always done it that way". The only constant in health care is change. I am looking forward to helping our students embrace lifelong learning and quality improvement right from the start of their education.

My spare time is spent enjoying my husband and three children. We participate in kyokushin karate, fishing, horseback riding, hiking, exercising, and boating.

Last Updated 2/27/15